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BANEE Teachers Sponsorship Project

Sponsoring one teacher is equivalent to sponsoring 100 students


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About BANEE Teachers Sponsorship Project: (A) Background (B) What's the situation of Muslims in India (C) First-hand experience (D) Whose Responsibility is it to impart quality education to mankind? (E) Why is the quality level so poor? (F) How to go about it?


Identify institutions

>> Criteria for selecting them: run by good muslims who are inclined towards imparting quality knowledge and are ready to cooperate with us in all our programs.
Kindly come forward and propose an institution that you think could fit the criteria.

Appoint quality teachers

Shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab se to kahin behtar tha;
Apne hissey ki koi shamm'a jalaate jaatey. [Ahmad Faraz]

Better light a candle than curse the darkness  

>> Advertize in National newspapers, ask for job applications to be submitted online, 
>> Delhi chapter should take full responsibility after preliminary screening, call for interview by emails, 
>> Interview Panel: AMU profs, sent by AMU Committee + Jamia profs, selected by Delhi chapter + One representative from Delhi chapter + any desirous member from the global committee, present in Delhi during the interview date (s)
>> Salary on offer: Rs. 4,000 per month as a package (assistance in accommodation should be provided by management of the partner institutions)
>> Teachers to be Muslims only, from anywhere in India
>> Curriculum: CBSE
Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change it themselves [Quran, 13:11]
>> Four (4) teachers to be appointed, this year: To teach students of Grade-6 (and below, if required) - 2 teachers for English and Social studies and 2 teachers for Science subjects (Phy, Chem, Math) each partner institution gets a total of 2 teachers.
>> Each partner institution: one teacher to be added every year, until the number reaches five (5), i.e., one each for Phy, Chem, Bio, Math, English > thus, total teachers sponsored in the year 2007 will be 4 and it will reach a level of 10 in the year 2011 or before, insha-Allah.

Administration of this BANEE Project

>> They will be on our payroll, sponsoring chapter/ individual will send the salary directly to the concerned teacher. Monitoring of their progress and the progress of students they teach will be joint responsibility of the partner institutions and Bihar Anjuman.
>> Deputation of these teachers in partner institutions will be sole discretion of BA, and will be subject to (a) cooperation received from the management of these institutions, in imparting quality education, (b) efforts undertaken in generating funds from other sources for construction of facilities, (c) efforts undertaken in getting the institution affiliated, (d) cooperation in making a success of other programs of BA, like participation in organizing health camps, educational caravans, anti-dowry movement and other social/ religious reforms activities taken up by BA from time to time. 
>> Accessibility to all documents of the partner institutions will be made unconditionally available to officials of any of the BA chapters and to any visiting member of BA.
>> The governing body/ management committee of the partner institutions must promote a culture of transparency in all aspects of administration.
>> Chapters would nominate auditors for monitoring the progress of partner institutions and would ensure a report to the global community at regular intervals not exceeding a term (as defined by CBSE). 

Expectations from Partner institutions

>> Partner institutions would ensure quality education of Islamic subjects, with a view to keep abreast with latest Body of Knowledge available, utilizing the latest techniques that generate interest in the students. Funds for this must be generated by the partner institutions themselves. They would also ensure that Islamic education imparted by them promotes peace, brotherhood, mutual respect and a culture of sharing and caring.
>> Partner institutions would ensure all-round development of students by involving them in extra-curricular activities that can fulfill this objective.
>> Partner institutions would ensure regular visits, in consultation with BA, by Islamic scholars and reputed educational trainers and motivators to their institutions.
>> Partner institutions would ensure regular activities that can enhance the capabilities of teachers employed by them.
>> Partner institutions would ensure proper supply of books and other teaching materials to BANEE teachers.
>> Partner institutions would ensure proper sanitation facilities in their premises.
>> Partner institutions would ensure that students and teachers keep away from any political activity
Do you wish to lend a hand? Please commit financial assistance towards this process may please do so at:
or commit any type of assistance at and view existing commitments at:
May Allah make our neeyat pure, and let our neeyat take proper shape. May Allah make things easy for us in this respect! Every good intention that is supported by proper action (wherein our efforts are aligned with our intention) shall result in the desired outcome .. for the simple reason that Allah is the Most Just and the Most Fair, and He cannot allow our genuine efforts to go waste. Definitely what is lacking is either the purity of our intention, lack of proper action or the half-hearted efforts that we are famous for. 
Surely! Allah wrongs not even of the weight of an atom (or a small ant), but if there is any good (done), He doubles it, and gives from Him a great reward. [Surah#4, Al-Nisa: Verse#40]
May Allah unite us in our efforts, if not in our thoughts, so that our knowledge and skills, experience and expertise, talents and energy, capabilities and capacities, sincerity and good intentions, wisdom and strength, wealth and resources could be utilized in the most optimum manner for our mutual benefits and for the benefit of the society!