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Dear Student,

The Islamic Development Bank (lDB), Jeddah has initiated IDB Scholarship Programme to improve the education standards of the Muslim Community in India. The Bank aims to develop the potentialities of the Muslim Students and to check the drop-out rate by awarding scholarship to the students who are meritorious and enthusiastic, but are unable to pursue higher studies due to financial difficulties.

The IDB Scholarship is an Interest Free Loan in nature and is awarded to meritorious and financially weak Muslim Students who intend to take admission in First Year of the Degree Course in the fields of Medicine i.e. MBBS, BDS, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Physiotherapy, Nursing including Bachelors Degree in Unani, Ayurvedic & Microbiology or Engineering, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Food Technology, Business Administration. This scholarship is for the entire duration of the course. It will be legal and moral obligation of the students to repay these Loans after completion of their course. This will be in the greater interest of the Muslim Community to help other needy students. The students who seek and obtain admissions through payment seats are not a priority and therefore may not apply.

We appeal to the students who are able to afford educational expenses from their available resources, not to apply for this scholarship and to provide opportunity to their needy brothers/sisters who are unable to continue their studies due to financial constraints. This cooperation will be in the true spirit of the scholarship programme. In fact, it is the service of the Muslim Community.

We appreciate your interest in IDB Scholarship Programme. The prescribed application form is enclosed with this letter. Kindly read the instructions carefully before filling the application form.
Send two complete sets of forms (one Original and other Photocopied) after completing it in all respects, along with necessary attested documents and photographs to the following address before 25th September 2005.

Please ensure timely submission of application for processing even if you have not been able to get admission. You will submit admission proof immediately on getting it.

Once again thank you for your interest in this programme. We wish you all the best.



Welcome to the IDB Scholarship Programme. Your interest in the Scholarship is highly appreciated. The IDB is trying to assist the development of Muslim Communities in non-member countries around the world by giving scholarships to the Muslim Youth like you.

To qualify for the Scholarship, you must have the following background and qualifications:

01 Age: not more than 24 years;
02 Qualification Exam: 12 years of study i. e. 10+2 or Equivalent in Science or relevant stream;
03 Grade: good passing grades in Mathematics or Biology, Physics, Chemistry (or relevant subjects) and English;
04 Year of' Study: First Year student in one of the areas of study approved under the Programme. Second Year student is not eligible. Kindly submit proof of admission;
05 Financially Needy: you must also be financially needy and not in receipt of any other scholarship.
06 Community Development: willing to help develop your community and country upon graduation;
07 Payment Seat: applicants are not a priority and therefore may not apply;
08 Study Abroad: student's studying/desirous of study abroad are not considered for scholarship.

The scholarship is an Interest Free Loan to enable you to study Medicine, Engineering or Agriculture and other fields as approved by the IDB. It covers the cost of living, clothing, books tuition fees and medical expenses. As such, you will upon graduation, pay back the scholarship and other funds you received from the Bank, in easy installments, to a local Trust or Waqf in your Community. This is necessary because the scholarship is a grant from the Bank to the local Community to enable it to sustain into the future to benefit others including your children.

The Bank implements the Programme as a joint cooperation with "The Students Islamic Trust", New Delhi the Counterpart Organization in India. This organization announces the Programme, distributes the application forms (free of charge), process applications, organizes the necessary Pre-Selection Process and sends the results to the IDB in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where the final selection is made.

To apply, please contact The Students Islamic Trust, Counterpart Organization in your country and discuss your interest situation and needs with them. They will assist you in your application and your study later. In fact, you are expected to work together with them to assist the development of your Community upon your graduation.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Ta 'ala; bless your effort and good luck in your application.



01 Application must be submitted in typed form or written clearly with ink in block letters along with an extra duplicate copy. Additional paper may be used, if necessary.
02 All information must be provided in English. Please attach certified translation of any document not in English.
03 All information requested must be provided; otherwise the application may be delayed or may not be processed entirely.
04 Indicate your state of Domicile: viz Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Assam etc.


(Please tick and do not send unless all items are ticked "Yes"):

01 Certified true copy of birth certificate Yes ٱ No ٱ
02 Certified true copy of secondary school (Class X) marksheet Yes ٱ No ٱ
03 Certified true copy of senior secondary school (Class XII) marksheet Yes ٱ No ٱ
04 Certified true copy of admission certificate with date with fee receipt Yes ٱ No ٱ
05 Declaration of intent to comply with IDB Scholarship rules and regulations (Attachment-2) Yes ٱ No ٱ
06 Declaration of intent to refund (Attachment-3) Yes ٱ No ٱ
07 Two passport size photographs (4 cms x 6 cms) Yes ٱ No ٱ
08 Certificate of good health from a doctor or a hospital Yes ٱ No ٱ
09 Income Certificate/Pay Slip of Father or Guardian Yes ٱ No ٱ
10 Two self-addressed envelopes of 9 inches x 4 inches size Yes ٱ No ٱ


01 Send or submit completed Application Form and attachments to The Students Islamic Trust the Counterpart Organization in India and not to the IDB directly.
02 The Counterpart Organization will study the application to establish eligibility and/or ascertain completeness of documents. If certain documents found incomplete or missing, the applicants will be informed accordingly.
03 Those eligible will be interviewed by a Selection Committee/Counterpart Organization.
04 The Office of the Scholarship Programme will study the Interview results and the application forms before submitting its recommendations to the Executive Committee of the Scholarship Programme for final selection.
05 The results of the selection process are conveyed to the Counterpart Organization who, in turn, informs all the applicants.
06 The selected applicants will be asked to sign a Scholarship Bond, confirming their commitment to refund the scholarship and other funds received from the Bank, prior to the start of their studies.
07 The whole application and selection process may take between 2 to 3 months.


01 All applicants are required to show their original certificates (including certificates of University or College admission) at the time of the interview.
02 Giving false information may result in either cancellation of already approved application or termination of scholarship.
03 All inquiries about the Programme should be addressed to The Students Islamic Trust, New Delhi the designated IDB Counterpart for the Scholarship Programme in the country or to the Organization or person mentioned in the advertisement of the Programme.
04 Last date of submission of application form is 25th September 2005.

(Please do not detach this page from the Application Form)

There are 2 form that you have to download [Form-1 and Form-2]

Form-1/Page-1    Form-1/Page-2    Form-2/Page-1    Form-2/Page-2

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