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RAHBAR Technical Institutes: Guidelines to establish and manage

Under direct supervision and management of Imarat Sharia, Patna

Vision: Bring early employment opportunities to those who cannot afford higher education due to economic or other challenges.

Mission: One RAHBAR Technical Institute (ITI) in every district of Bihar & Jharkhand (62 ITIs)

Status: The process of seeking final approval for Bihar Anjuman's first ITI @ Samastipur, from the Govt. of Bihar, has been completed on 27th April 2012; Inspection of ITI completed by Bihar govt, their report has been submitted to the Bihar govt's secretariat for forwarding to Central govt. After the central govt's inpsection, approval is expected. Session likely to begin in June/ July 2012. Status Updates would be made available through links on the left side.
ITI @ Samastipur: Rupees 15 lakhs to change 168 families

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What the initiator needs to do? 

a. You could either be the project leader, or a person who motivates someone else to take up the responsibility of a project leader,
b. You could sponsor this centre, or provide infrastructure facilities (as per govt requirements), or contribute a part of the required Rs. 15 lakhs for equipment purchase. You could also ask/ request your friends to join hands, by either providing infrastructure, or contributing part or full financial requirement.
c. You could involve some chapter (the best is the one to which you belong, geographically @ your place of work) to support this project, with ideas, and in bringing those from your town & district closer, so that the centre could be guided and monitored well.
d. You should arrange a meeting with other active people of your town (when you visit there), to sort out things, faster. It is better to announce the plan in group [] and seek support from those belonging to your place. 

The resources that will be required:

1. Space (classrooms and workshops): The space requirement depends on the trades for which training facilities are to be provided. Discuss with either a school-owner/ manager or a madarsa management, to provide FREE space (as detailed in the table, below). It's in their own interest to allow their spare space for the purpose (this will raise their reputation, apart from depositing great deal into their akhirat's account). They would be included in the management committee of the ITI. 

Infrastructure (Space) Requirement: For  3  trades, as listed below, Space Required as per Govt’s guidelines are:                                                      top

Sl No Nature of Room/ Workshop/ Laboratory Area in sq mtr
1. Workshop/ Laboratory 650 m2
2. Class Rooms 210 m2
3. Administrative Block, etc. 195 m2
4. Library 60 m2
5. Store Room 40 m2
2. Fund requirement: Minimum estimated Rs. 15 lakhs to finance the purchase of good quality equipment required for 3 trades proposed, below - to be raised by Bihar Anjuman, and its well-wishers.
3. Project leader: this is the most important resource required, as this is the person who assumes all responsibility for proper management of the ITI, proper utilization of funds, and arranging placement of graduating students. Basically, this person leads the project from the front.
4. Account-keeping: This is a one-time activity for the team-leader - proper account book should be maintained for funds raised, and expenses incurred before operations start, and shared with all the donors and the group. After operations start, Imarat Sharia would maintain all accounts of the ITI.

ProjectPhases: We reaffirm our commitment to take up the first 3 (three) ITIs that have made their ground-work ready, for the 1st phase of 3 ITIs. One ITI of this phase is ready to start, awaiting government’s NOC. For remaining 2 ITIs, the race is on. Brothers are trying their best to start an ITI in their own districts. Together, let's try our best to reach all the 60 districts of Bihar and Jharkhand, as soon as possible.

We will not have more than one ITI in any district until we have covered every district.

Communication heralds transparency, and is the key to win the hearts of donors, sponsors, managers, etc., and the only means of involving more and more people from the society into this benevolent act. Therefore, the team-leader must be in touch, on a regular basis, with global Bihar Anjuman community through Email:

Management of RAHBAR Technical Training Centre (ITI): 


A tripartite agreement will be reached between the following three parties: top

Party-1: RAHBAR, the NGO of Bihar Anjuman (,, will be the owner of this project, raise funds for equipping the laboratories and workshops of the institute during the establishment stage (that is extent of investment by RAHBAR), monitor its functioning, update all the parties concerned (donors, sponsors, well-wishers), and act as an intermediary between Party-2 and Party-3. They will have maximum 5 members in the governing board of this institute, out of a total of 11 members. The institute would be operated under the registered society of RAHBAR, so all the assets would be either under lease or ownership of RAHBAR. The ownership of RAHBAR Technical Institute would remain jointly with Party-1 and Party-3, and all rights of Party-2 would cease as soon as RAHBAR decides to manage the operations of the institute by themselves.

Party-2: Imarat Sharia ( will be the consultant for the project during its implementation, and will manage the institute's entire operations from appointment of instructors to selection of students. The govt approval for the ITI will be obtained by them, in the name of RAHBAR Technical Training Centre, _____________ (name of location). They would pay for all the operational and maintenance-related expenses as long as they collect the fees from enrolled students. They will have 3 members in the governing board of this institute, out of a maximum of 11 members. They would guide in expanding the institute by incorporating more areas of training, and would invest the income from fees for this purpose (buying equipment for laboratories and workshops).

Party-3: Local Infrastructure Providers (LIPs) will provide the minimum infrastructure required for the RAHBAR ITI, as detailed above, free of cost. They will have 3 members in the governing board of this institute, out of a total of 11 members. The land on which infrastructure for the institute is provided should be dedicated to the RAHBAR ITI only. In case the infrastructure is provided on the basis of a lease agreement, the period of lease must not be less than ten years.

Trades in ITI:

1. Electrician: 84 seats (4 units of 21 each)
2. Plumbing: 42 seats (2 units of 21 each)
3. Draughtsman (Civil): 42 seats (2 units of 21 each)

Financial Requirements:

A. Capital Investment:                                                                        top
a. Establishment Requirements: Rs. 15 lakhs to equip the workshops for the proposed trades. An inspection will be done by govt inspectors, between 1st March and 20th May 2011, of ITIs for which an NOC has been issued. During this period, the workshops and class-rooms, etc. must be fully equipped in order to get the final approval.
b. Infrastructure (land + buildings for training class-rooms and workshops): zero [all of this investment will be made by the Local Infrastructure Provider (LIP)] ... whatever finance we raise for this will be a charitable act by RAHBAR, not its responsibility.
Donate Now:
B. Operational Requirements: zero [all operating expenses shall be met by Imarat Sharia from the fees they collect from the trainees]

We greatly appreciate your interest in initiating a RAHBAR Technical Institute in your native place, and pray that Allah Subhanahu Wa Taála helps you in fulfilling this desire of yours. Moderators of Bihar Anjuman wish you great success in this endeavour, and pray that the donor's money, and your efforts, bring maximum benefits to the society.
ITI @ Samastipur: Rupees 15 lakhs to change 168 families

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Apne hissey ki koi shamm'a jalaate jaatey. [Ahmad Faraz]

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