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Flood Relief (2008) through RAHBAR (Bihar Anjuman's NGO)

RAHBAR: Flood Relief (2008)

Bihar Anjuman's Appeal to contribute generously towards the rehabilitation of flood-devastated people of Bihar

If your group finds it appropriate to hand over the DD to Bihar Anjuman, we would appreciate your gesture. The DD could be made with following details. We will arrange to get an acknowledgement for the same, insha-Allah, if the DD or cash is handed over to one of the following persons.

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Imarat Shariah is the most respected Islamic organization, and perhaps the only one in India whose Sharia judgements are acceptable to the governmets of Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa. They have confirmed that Zakat funds can be used for this purpose. In fact, this could be the best use of Zakat funds at the moment.

RAHBAR Flood Relief Camp: A Pilot Project

Project owner: Jawed Ahmad, general secretary of RAHBAR, 9999340986

Delhi chapter (under the banner of RAHBAR) established its own camp, in Williams School of Supaul, the worst affected region, starting 15th September - they are providing Iftar and Suhoor directly to the people whose number has increased from 100 on the first day to more than 200 on the 4th day. All expenses of the this relief camp will be borne by Dubai chapter. Rs. 45,000 has been transferred for this purpose on 10th September, 2008. View detailed budget for this relief camp. Budget has already been revised to Rs. 100,00 for this first phase [20 days x 200 people x Rs. 25 per person per day = Rs. 100,000]. For the 2nd phase, new clothes need to be supplied for Eid (as a pilot project, we would limit ourselves to Rs. 100,000). And a high budget rehabilitation program (construction of houses for those who have lost everything) will be launched, insha-Allah, as the 3rd phase after flood waters recede and an assessment survey is completed [Any amount for this phase may not be enough considering the damage caused, but we would limit ourselves to Rs. 50 lakhs or Rs. 5 million]. More about the Rahbar camp...

Since our own team is in the area, we would verify the claims of proper disbursement and provision of food and shelter to the masses. Please note that contributions through us would reach the Muslim-dominated areas.

Bihar Anjuman is concerned, as much as you, with plight of our brothers and sisters, mothers and children, who are surrounded by a natural calamity the dimension of which is beyond human comprehension. Floods of this year have broken many past records and devastated villages after villages. There is hardly any need to give any details, this year, as the media has already covered this catastrophe widely.

Kindly forward to all the benevolent people that you know. Please come forward to earn the rewards from Allah in this holy month when the rewards get multiplied.

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