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Documentaries and Movies [to know about Islamic History, more closely]

Bihar Anjuman received TCN Organization of the Year Award, 2010

Loose Change 9/11 [Full, English] 9.11-The New American Century
Islam in Spain [710-1616], Channel-4 Documentary in EnglishGujrat Riots: Tehelka videos
Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi - Tiger of Islam (Urdu movie with English Subtitles)BBC film: Muslim History in Europe

The Message (Prophet Muhammad's life) - Full Movie [Urdu & English]

Cartoons of Hate... Prophet of Love

Ummah Films: Muslim while flying! Movie: The Honourable Saint Mary [dubbed in English]
The Making of a Muslim TerroristPower of Nightmares and the Fantasy of TerrorNew
Al-Aqsa: Why they digging under it? Documentary Film: Persihed Nations

Masjid Al-Aqsa: Deception to erase from memory

Al-Aqsa: Rare footage of inside
Al-Aqsa: Rare Footage inside Dome of the Rock Ummah Films: Arrogant People
Ummah Films: Why Islam? Ummah Films: Muslim Weddings!!
Ummah Films: The Parent Negotiations Ummah Films: Distractions During Salat (Prayer)!
Ummah Films: That's not Hijab! Ummah Films: Culture vs Islam!


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Let's Pray b4 they Pray 4 Us Gujrat Riots: Tehelka videos
Understanding Islam (Maududi) Shankaracharya speaks on ISLAM
Video: Learn Prophet's prayer Lessons in Sahih Bukhari (The Book of Manners)
Qasas-ul Anbiya (Stories of Prophets): ENGLISH Qasas-ul Anbiya (Stories of Prophets): URDU

Songs (Nasheeds) By Zain Bhikha

Native Deen - Zamiloonii Eid Songs (Audio and Video)
Heart of a Muslim Allah Knows
Allahu Allahu Can't Take It With You
Orphan Child Have you Heard? (a cappella)


Cartoons of Hate... Prophet of Love The Life of Muhammad (pbuh) - Yasir Qadhi
Movie: The Message (Prophet Muhammd's life) - Full [Urdu and English, both] Movie: The Honourable Saint Mary [dubbed in English]
Hajj & Umrah Made Simple (Urdu/ Hindi) Gary Miller: Muslims are better followers of Jesus