Bihar Anjuman believes in self-help rather than charity

RAHBAR-Aligarh, a registered NGO

RAHBAR: NGO of Bihar Anjuman - the largest network from Bihar or Jharkhand

RAHBAR-Aligarh: Aligarh chapter of RAHBAR, a separate NGO registered in Aligarh as "RAHBAR-Aligarh".

On behalf of Rahmani Foundation, RAHBAR Aligarh will conduct Rahmani-30 Test for IIT and C.A. on 09-05-2011. Any one still interested to appear in the test, please send his name, father's name and name of the test to Mohammad Allam Sb ( We will include his name but he has to submit the filled form on the day of test.The motto is to help the best one.

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RAHBAR-Aligarh provides "May I Help You" service for admission to AMU diploma engg and 11th class (help to clear entrance exam):

Following is message from Mohammad Allam Sb, the brain behind this special service:
If you need any help at Aligarh please feel free to contact us. You can get information from the office of RAHBAR Aligarh regarding admission, lodging, coaching classes, study materials, courses etc .
RAHBAR Aligarh also going to start one month crash course for class xi/Diploma from April 05,2011. May Allah bless Prof.Mubarak sahib, Mr Kaleem Ahmad, Mr Azhar Jameel,Mr Nafees Ansari etc who offered a place for office at G-32 Muzammil Complex opposite Panwali kothi.The timing of office is 5.00 P.m. to 7.00 P.m daily (except friday). Contact No is 8899487660.
In the mean time, Mohammad Allam Sb, in coordination with Mubarak Hussain Sb, and other members of RAHBAR-Aligarh, has developed question-sets for all subjects required for the entrance examination. The sets were also circulated to the yahoogroup for all the 10,000 members to download and pass on to those in need.
The coaching-cum-guidance program is running successfully at the RAHBAR-Aligarh's Career Counselling, Coaching and Guidance Cell in the Muzammil Complex.

RAHBAR-Aligarh launches its Career Counselling, Coaching and Guidance Cell, in Aligarh []:

Career counseling and Coaching and Guidance cell of RAHBAR was inaugurated on 23/01/2011 at Mozammil Complex,Aligarh.The Chief guest of the function who inaugrated this centre was Sahitya Academy Award Winner of Urdu language,Prof.Abul Kalam Qasmi.The function was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Abdul Khalique Sahib,a Phd student of Arabic. He briefly mentioned about the importance of charity and obligation of affluent person towards the poor and needy of the society. Welcome speech delivered by Dr Nafees Ansari.In his welcome speech Dr Nafees Ansari appreciated the work of RAHBAR.
Office of RAHBAR-Aligarh
As a Chief Guest Prof.Abul Kalam applauded the works of RAHBAR.He pledged that he will be ready to help this centre with all means. He asked the audience to raise themselves from all "ism" and work for the betterment of the society. He said that for the 25 years he was looking for the establishment of the career counseling centre and he is proud to be part of the historic moment. He asked the people associated with RAHBAR to work honestly and patiently. He cited many examples from the life of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to motivate the students and the team of RAHBAR.
In his presidential remark Prof.Mohd Mubark Husain said that he is always ready to help the students and needy people. The project that has been started right now having multi-dimensional approaches to develop the human power. In present world the most powerful communities are those which have acquired the knowledge and created the knowledge for the betterment of the members of the community.
The programme was conducted by Dr Ghufran Sahib. He is one of the founder members of RAHBAR Aligarh.
Office for this centre/cell has been provided by Prof.Mohd Mubarak Hussain Sahib without any rent. Even he bore the cost of furnishing of the office.
Inauguration of RAHBAR-Aligarh's office                                                         

Aims And Objectives of the centre/cell:

1 To help the student to choose a career by analyzing his past academic records, interest, economic means. To sort out all the academic problems of the students who are from the far flung areas or first generation educating class. Specially to provide the guidance to children of NRI in all areas.                                                          
2 To help the students with the information about the scholarships particularly about the minority scholarships of the state and central government. To help them to access the numerous scholarships programmes.
Office of RAHBAR-Aligarh
3 To help the students with the information of fellowships awarded by the foreign institutes for post-graduate, doctorate, post-doctorate. To help them to prepare synopsis, interview, language by constituting the different expert groups of discipline.
4 To provide the employment information in different industries in India and abroad. To help them to get a job by processing their CV, references etc.Later Stage to add placement services and conduct interview on behalf of them or facilitate the conduct of interview for them.
5 To provide the information regarding schools/colleges/universities of India and the world. To help the students to get admission in desired institutions.
6 To organize career fairs, lectures, seminars, workshops on current employment opportunities by inviting the eminent person of this area.
7 To help the students with English language courses, organizing debates, group discussion, mock interview for various competition.     
8 To start coaching for Diploma engineering, B. Tech (For Boys), Medical (For Girls), MCA, BCA, Charter Accountant, Company Secretary, IT etc.(right now we are beginning with Diploma engineering and aim to provide Indo_islamic culture material for class 10+2 entrance. We observe that students who are coming from interior areas they do not know about the Indo Islamic culture)
9 To help the students of various schools in developing the mathematical skills and encourage them to study science so we have a large numbers of scientists of different fields.
10 To organize different type of competitions at schools level to prepare the students for competitive exams.(The special emphasis will be given to university schools where a large numbers of the students from poor family studying.Their performance are not up to mark due to degraded teaching of university schools and the economic means).

An Appeal from RAHBAR-Aligarh: These are desired objectives of this centre/cell. If you think that we can make better then please feel free to suggest. Your suggestion and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Office of RAHBAR-Aligarh

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