Bihar Anjuman believes in self-help rather than charity



Surah Al-Baqarah : Ayah 195  "And spend in the way of Allah and cast not yourselves to perdition with your own hands, and do good (to others); surely Allah loves the doers of good."


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1 . What is Bihar Anjuman ?

Bihar Anjuman is a network of individuals and organizations having a shared vision of "striving towards educational and socio-economic empowerment of muslims". >>> Bihar Anjuman
Above means: Go to the website and click on " Bihar Anjuman ". This sequence follows for all links. Website pages provide an insight into what Bihar Anjuman is and what is the latest happening.

Bihar Anjuman 's discussion forum is at, where registered members share knowledge and experience, news and views, help each other with job-postings and placements, career-guidance, etc. Anyone can view the number of members (as calculated by the system) on the left side (almost at the middle of page) as following:

Group Information
Members: 9,999
Category: Bihar
Founded: Jun 14, 2004
Language: English

2 . Who are the people behind Bihar Anjuman ? >>> BA Chapters . Tell whoever asks he could be one of the managers - the platform is open. It's a network where every one has to prove himself/ herself by doing, not just by talking. You may express your intention to be part of the team at

3 . What are their motives? >>> Objectives (Download a pdf file "Profile-Anjuman" to get a better idea)

4 . How to get people registered :

Registering in the Yahoo!Group: >>> BA Forum (Yahoogroup)

Registering in Local Chapters: You can build a directory of all those who wish to work for the development of Bihar and to help fellow Muslims from Bihar, keep forwarding those for our central directory - this helps us keep in touch, know about developments happening in the group and gives everybody equal chance to speak and act in the Forum


5 . How to manage onslaught of too many Emails? >>> Yahoo!Group

6 . What does the Bihar Anjuman do?

(a) >>> BANEE Scholarship >>> List of beneficiaries , (b) BAJEE ( ) - women's wing of Bihar Anjuman, (c) BASIL - Bihar Anjuman's Sources of Infinite Learning - Anjuman's Islamic Library in Patna , (d) BANEE Career & Counselling Centre, Delhi launches Coaching classes, at Delhi, for admission into Diploma Engg and XIth Grades of Jamia and AMU , (e) >>> Projects , (f) >>> Bihar Anjuman >>> An insight into what it does , (g) >>> Articles : Publishing articles written by group members. Suggestions from everybody are welcome on practical work that can be done to fulfill the objectives, (h) Job-hunt through Yahoo!Group (i) Sharing News , Views , Events , ideas etc through Yahoo!Group Froum . Objectives are also subject to revision, based upon members' suggestions as is any guide, model, function or system. Members' recommendations carry a lot of importance in the loose organizational structure with a lot of built-in flexibility, (j) motivating parents of children not going to any educational institution, and imparting basic education to their wards with a view to attain 100% literacy - projects in Aligarh and Muzaffarpur under progress .

7 . Why Bihar and Jharkhand only?

Nobody can reject the idea that we must work for the benefit of all Muslims (I wish we could help non-Muslims as well - why not the non-Muslims as well, are they not part of the society we belong to? We Muslims are Khalifa for the whole manking - Surah Hajj, Verse#78). We don't mind, but do we have the kind of resources that will do justice for all we claim to be working for? 

If each one of us can do our little, we may be in a situation where we would be helping all Muslims, everywhere, Insha-Allah. For the time being, I suggest that we do our bit for our family, relatives, and the community closer to us, and pray to Allah for resources to match the needs of Muslims spread everywhere, and for the capacity to serve all humanity. 

This approach cannot be termed as "bias". "Bias" means working against the interests of other groups. We are not blocking any one to get a job or scholarship or any other benefit. Nor are we asking anybody to block anyone from getting a job or scholarship. We don't propagate any hatred against anybody - not even against non-Muslims. In fact, we nurture mutual respect and cooperation. We are just trying to help Muslims from our neighbourhood, in Bihar and Jharkhand, providing them with some advantage if we can, without trying to harm anyone else. 

It's like buying a piece of bread for my daughter, not for your son because I have money only to buy for my daughter. I didn't take the bread away from your son's mouth. 

The group objective is very clear, and we are not hiding anything from anybody. We mention in clear terms that this group caters only to the Muslims of Bihar and Jharkhand, so there is no need for this to be questioned. Insha-Allah, with support from benevolent members like you, we will broaden our scope of work to cater to Muslims everywhere, and later to the non-Muslim community as well, insha-Allah. Till then, please bear with us. 

Note: The job vacancies, useful news and articles, etc. are circulated to all Muslims worldwide (depending upon the email addresses we have in our record). Only where "limited resources" are involved, we cater to Muslims from Bihar & Jharkhand alone.

8 . Registration as a Society: View the registration certificate

9 . Let's strive continuously: Initially, people don't pay much heed. Do u think we started with more than 4,750 people in the network. No, it has reached this level over a period of 43 months after being initiated on 14th June 2004. But, it has emerged as the largest group leaving behind all other groups from Bihar & Jharkhand. The groups  following us, in numbers, cater to (claim to cater to) everybody (people having all religious affiliations) but they are far behind us in the actual help being provided to Biharis/ Jharkhandis or towards the development of Bihar/ Jharkhand. They have not been able to match our sincerity. What we are doing is all available on the website, as above, in point 5.

10 . Why we must rush to do our bit? Whatever has been done (or is being done), as described above, is just a beginning, and there is a lot to do within the limited time that has been allotted to us by Allah. Who can guarantee that he will live tomorrow? Therefore, we have to try our best to do whatever we can, today. We just can't postpone things for the morrow. Here, in Bihar Anjuman , every one has a fair chance of proving that he/ she has some love for his/ her fellow Muslims and he/ she is ready to obey Allah's commandments and Rasool's advices, in this respect. Just talking about it in forums and in tea-shops or on stages are not enough.

11 . Career Counselling by senior members : Members in the yahoogroup are well-placed and would wish to help others in whatever ways they can - the current students are liely to get professional advice in advancing their careers by interacting with the professionals in the group. Members share their views, expertise and knowledge in the forum and members benefit from the write-ups and materials regularly circulated through the group emails.

You may circulate this email or materials from the website or from the yahoogroup website , in parts or in full, as you may deem fit, to those who have their feeling organs (five sense organs, and "the sixth sense") alive.

Please don't hesitate to come back to us ( for any help or any queries at any time.

Hope that you are ready for much greater role in the Bihar Anjuman and in the efforts to help fellow brothers and sisters. Please do not hesitate to come forward with your willingness for any role that you may deem fit for yourself.


Shikwa-e-zulmat-e-shab se to kahin behtar tha;

Apne hissey ki koi shamm'a jalaate jaatey. [Ahmad Faraz]


Better light a candle than curse the darkness    



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