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RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Madhubani @ Parsauni

This centre is to be sponsored by Jeddah Chapter of Bihar Anjuman, insha-Allah

Breaking News: 26th coaching centre approved at Garhwa, Jharkhand

Bihar Anjuman received TCN Organization of the Year Award, 2010, in New Delhi, on the 4th December 2010.

LocationGovernment Middle School, Parsauni 

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1st Awards Ceremony of RCC Madhubani @ Parsauni, 16th February 2012

Chief Guest: Janab Md. Afroz Sb, Ex Mukhiya, Parsauni North panchayat
Presided By: Janab Maulana Badeeuzzamah Qasmi Sb. (retired head mudarris, chhatwan madarsa, Dist. Darbhanga)
Special Guests:

1. 1. Shabbir Ahmad (retired chief accounts officer, BSNL)
2. Hafiz Naseem (Nazim, Hifz department, parsauni madarsa)
3. Maulana Mufti Jahangeer (mudarris)

Inauguration Ceremony of RAHBAR Coaching Center, Madhubani @ Parsauni
Speeches by students, a play, and interesting conversation role-play, marked the 1st Awards Ceremony of RAHBAR Coaching Centre, Madhubani @ Parsauni, conducted on 16th February 2013.

Inauguration Ceremony of RAHBAR Coaching Center, Madhubani @ Parsauni
The program, conducted by brother Imteyaz (member RCC), started with tilaawate Quran by Hafiz Naseem sb. at 10 AM. A grade 9 student Zeeshan Aarif delivered speech on ilm (education). Another student Majid from grade 8th talked about benefits he is getting being a student at this RCC. A play was performed by grade 9th students (Zeeshan, Tahseen, Irfan and Faisal). Sheemab and Majid from grade 8th presented an interesting conversation which left the audience spell-bound.
Inauguration Ceremony of RAHBAR Coaching Center, Madhubani @ Parsauni
Team leader of this RCC, Maulana Mahfooz Salafi sb, addressed the audience on importance of education. He said that education is the only wealth which increases when it is distributed. He encouraged students to take full interest in getting educated as with education a good society can be built. Maulana Badeeuzzaman Qasmi sb., in his presidential speech, spoke on the importance of education and called committee members of RCC madhubani @ Parsauni to take full interest and give more time to manage it in a better way.

Inauguration Ceremony of RCC Madhubani @ Parsauni, 27th August 2012

Chief Guest: Janab Maulana Zubair Ahmad Qasmi Sb. (Muhtamim, Madarsa Kanwah Shamshi, dist: Sitamarhi)
Presided By: Janab Maulana Badeeuzzaman Qasmi Sb.
Inauguration Ceremony of RAHBAR Coaching Center, Madhubani @ Parsauni
The Inauguration program of RCC Madhubani @ Parsauni was organized at Government Middle School, Parsauni. The program was conducted by Imteyaz Ahmad (0ne of the local committee member).The inaugural Ceremony started at 9:00 AM with beautiful recitation of the Holy Qura’n by Hafiz Noorullah Haqqanni Sb. Then, Janab Hasan Arshad Sb (Doha chapter) was invited to brief about Bihar anjuman and coaching project. Hasan Arshad explained in detail about bihar anjuman and it working mechanism. He talked about journey of Bihar anjuman from a localized committee at Dubai to a global organization. Then he talked about RAHBAR coaching projects and its objectives.

maulana zubair qasmi sb. Known as faqeehe millat addressed the audience. In his lively speech of about 35 minutes he mentioned that current categorization of education (Ilm) as religious knowledge (ilme deen) and worldly knowledge(dunyawee ilm) has no basis in Islam. Islam categorizes Ilm as Ilme Naafe' (knowledge having benefit and) and as ilme-ghair naafe(knowledge having no benefit). He said that if teaching Bukhari Shareef doesn’t benefit the teacher in his character building and others around him then this teaching will be known as Ilm Ghair-Naafe (Non-beneficial knowledge) although it looks too religious. He said that APJ abdul kalam got scientific education and whole country got benefitted by his knowledge.So knowledge of APJ will come under ilme naafe. Maulana expressed extreme happiness over the initiative of helping poor and non-meritorious high school students and congratulated the people who are involved in this noble cause. He said that this is the great work and should be done with pure intentions of getting reward in hereafter from ALLAH Subhanahu Taala.
Inauguration Ceremony of RAHBAR Coaching Center, Madhubani @ Parsauni
The program concluded with the duaa led by maulan zubair qasmi at 10:15 AM.

Location of coaching centre: Government Middle School, Parsauni 

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